Group of Companies RZL Management

RZL Management created by a group of wholesale companies selling industrial goods (excluding food). Activities RZL Management orientable solely on the participants of the market and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Business RZL Management is based on the principle of pre-order. Our customers send us an order to the name and the amount of products they are interested in.

We conduct market research on customer interest products in the global market, optimizing logistic schemes of cargo and refer formed our offer to the customer. Also RZL Management can act as the client's representative, if the client, due to some reasons, can not directly contact the manufacturer of products of interest to him. RZL Management offers its customers products at good prices with big discounts. Depending on the agreements reached with the customer all costs of cargo delivery and customs clearance of our company includes the value of the cargo, avoiding costs for customs brokers.

Prices and terms of delivery of goods and services offered to its customers RZL Management, compares favorably to the existing market. For our clients we offer favorable conditions for payment of goods supplied by us.

RZL Management also provides its customers with logistics and legal services. The office of our company is based in Finland, warehouses and logistics center in Latvia. For more information about the services of our company you can find out by going to the page "Services" on our website.